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This Anyday may be the last day. The last day in this place. This place we come to learn, is a place Max may have been in for some time.

Max pulls us deeply into the intimate interior world of the character and the 'bird'. It is a tender, heart breaking world. A world filled with darkness, foreboding shadows, strange sounds, echoes of the past; a presentiment of the future? It is comic, absurd, surreal yet it excavates deep reefs of emotion.

Anyday is a tumultuous odyssey that transcends the clangs and boings of unbearable hope, lifts our spirits and ultimately fills our hearts with joy.


Creative team

Performer and Creator Max Calaf Seve

Outside Eye Mark Storor

Design Cathy Wren

Sound/Music composition Matt Huxley

Technician Pol Calaf Seve

Lighting design Rachel Shipp

Producer Zoe Munn



Duration of the peiece : 1hour 

Suitable for all audiences 




 Photos: Ben Hoper